Tightening Security After Brussels


To us security in America is a big deal. The recent attacks in Brussels show just how easy it is for terrorist to attack “soft targets” We believe that the United States has the most proactive security measures and federal investigative efforts in the world, but as these attacks occur more frequently we have to look to contract security to step up our game.

Recent news of bomb making materials found in a dorm room at George Mason University  has brought some attention to the fight that local law enforcement and security contractors face. While that incident remains under investigation by the federal authorities it has spurred our focus on increasing security measures at contracts with our clients.  The increasing attacks has also challenged us to foster open talks with other locals security companies to share best practices and better educate security staff on terrorism, heightened observations, patrol techniques and workplace violence prevention.

In effect all of MVP guards are in the process of being certified by the Federal Government in Incident Command and Response. We’re revisiting the latest workplace violence and terror attacks to see how or if they could have been prevented from a security perspective.  The MVP management team spearheaded a committee that is working with other Security Industry professionals on ways to enhance security at all sporting arenas, conference centers and large outdoor events to reduce the possibility for these types of catastrophes from occurring. We’ve also tightened the security measures at our contract locations by placing a direct focus on monitoring access and regress points of all facilities, improving lighting where necessary, training our clients on what to to look for, and improving our CCTV monitoring regulations.  We’re even looking to FBI and their Facial Recognition Program to see how it will impact the security industry as a whole.

With contract security guarding 85% of America’s infrastructure is important for us to be proactive and progressive with how we do security. Doing so increases our chances of thwarting attacks and reduces or mitigates the impact of attacks should they be carried out on our watch.

In a nutshell, it’s time to tighten up.  What are your thoughts?


Melvin Key, CEO – MVP Protective Services

Melvin is a highly sought after Security Executive, A 18 year decorated retired Police Captain from the DC Police Department. An committee member for Emergency Preparedness with BOMA. He is also a board Certified Protection Professional (CPP),  a noted public speaker and the Chair of Chapter Development for ASIS – National Capital Chapter.  Melvin has been the CEO of MVP for over 11 years with an impeccable relationship with hundreds of corporate and Fortune 500 companies.