When you need security services that you can count on, MVP is the company that you should call on. Our security firm provides armed and unarmed security officers, K9 teams and executive security professionals to solve the most challenging security problems.  Whether you are a government entity or private business there isn’t a security issue that we can’t handle. Below is a summary of some of the many security services that we provide. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact our office.


The key to providing efficient security is knowledge. Annual security training and continued security education is mandated at all levels of our company.


When clients call, we answer. We have a reputation of being the most responsive security company in the D.C. area. In most cases we can solve your problem within hours.

Well Managed

Our executive team is handpicked from the best of the nation’s security managers. Leadership and accountability are staples of our security service.


Relationships are built on trust and MVP has become synonymous with it. That reputation has kept us on the top of client vendor list for over a decade.


Quality security services when you need them is essential and MVP is experienced at providing them. We have listed a few of our security services here but have the capabilities to provide much more.  Our services include risk assessments, physical security, security consulting, workplace security training, school and campus security, access control, hotel security, office building security, residential security, physical security, retail security and so much more. Contact our office today and let our security specialist assist you in shaping your security program.


MVP is #1 in Contract Security in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our security officers are trained and experienced in all aspects of Loss Prevention. We partner with our clients in developing and executing inventory policy, employee background investigations, anti-theft procedures, counterfeit money detection and progressive workplace violence policies to include Active Shooter response and prevention.


Theft from construction projects is big business. In 2013 the construction industry reported losses in the billions. Hiring a experienced security company can save contractors money and headaches. Finding a qualified security company is the key. MVP has a 11 year track record of providing worry free construction security to major projects including the construction of the Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium. We still work there today. We understand the construction industry’s problems and are able to create quality solutions to eliminate them. Clients benefit from an alert, educated and experienced security team of security officers which starts with involved supervision and management.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection (bodyguards) has been a staple of our security services since we were established. Our agents provide bodyguard services in the state of Maryland, DC, Virginia and internationally. Clients have the option of having armed or unarmed Executive Protection Agents (bodyguard). MVP employs and trains some of the sharpest Execution Protection Agents in the world. Our Execution Protection (bodyguard) services include corporate executive security, celebrity security, athlete security, entertainer security, domestic violence security, and estate security. Our team is capable of developing advanced security and contingency plans to protect our clients and their families in public, at their homes and offices and while traveling.


MVP is a trusted brand with an impeccable reputation for event security management. We provide security services at some of the largest and most historic venues in the Washington, DC area to include the DC Convention Center, the National Mall, Howard University, the RFK Stadium and the DC Armory. These venues host some of the most high profile events in the DC area. We efficiently provide security officers and services for events with over 25,000 participants including but not limited to conferences, concerts, sporting events and college commencements. Our trained security officers specialize in access control, magnetometer operation, crowd management, Active Shooter response, bomb threat management and evacuation. Our clients benefit from the executive leadership of law enforcement managers who have handled law enforcement and security operations for 4 Presidential Inaugurations, dozens of protests, demonstrations, and riots . We provide security solutions that thousands how come to depend on and we consider it an honor.

Having a security issue? We have your security solution...