The Skillset of a Great Security Guard

There are a number of different skills that a security guard should possess.

Because one of the main tasks required of a security guard is to write reports, he or she must be a good writer. Reports made while on the job are very important because they keep track of everything that goes on within the area, and may be used in court to report on the exact events on a certain day

The reports should be detailed, so in addition to good writing skills, an attention to detail is a skill that is also necessary. An attention to detail will not only help you write better reports, but it will help you become a better guard. While on patrol, it is your job to notice everything. The places in your location and if they are the way they are supposed to be, as well as the people around you and how they all look and act. If a situation were to arise, for example, that would need you to recall how a person looks, if you’re detailed you can easily describe what that person looked like.

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To expand on that, a good memory will serve you well. There are a lot of tasks that are required of a security guard, so the better memory you have, the easier your job will be. Also, you would be able to remember people and certain events that happen while on the job, which may be useful in court if you had to testify.

Another skill that a security guard should possess is quick thinking. Many times, you will only have a few seconds to make a decision, so in just a few seconds you will ave to weigh the pros and cons and make an educated choice based on that. It can be scary at times, especially because there are situations that arise where threats are present, and weapons and confrontations may occur.

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Lastly, good communication skills are important. The guard is the liaison between the events that happen in a location, and the police or fire department. If one cannot communicate, the police or fire department will have a hard time understanding the situation, which may put them and others in danger. Also, communication is important because you will almost be like a customer service help desk while on the job. Many people will come to you for help, or even to explain a situation that they think you should take action on.

Source by Pete Chamberlain

In House Security Versus Security Company

Many businesses in today’s challenging economic times hire security guards in house to save money while not realizing that they are actually losing money. In house security guards require benefits, payroll expense, worker’s compensations insurance, general liability insurance, sick pay and unemployment insurance. The security officer must be supervised and most of the time supervised by people that do not have the necessary expertise.

In such companies a security plan and post orders are virtually non existent. I provided a security consultation to a business about a year ago. They were buying stock up merchandise from large retailers and selling it at more than 500 percent profit. Their sales were terrific, but at the end of the year the company managed to loose money. Although it was obvious, the owner could not explain it. The security guards were hired in house and new all employees at the warehouse.

The warehouse was basically plundered by employees and the security guards. Some employees would have people come to the warehouse and sell merchandise to them while pocketing the money and paying off the security officers. It became so rampant that the business was actually losing money.

The first thing we did was hiring an outside security company that would not allow anybody to leave with merchandise. Over time the worst employees that tried to continue stealing were caught and fired. The company’s sales were still terrific and the company actually made exorbitant profits. The hourly rate for the security officers was actually lower than what they were paying before. The client got security guards that did not fraternize with employees, were better supervised and trained and saved money on top of it.

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Saving on general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment, sick leave and all the other benefits the client got much better service from licensed and experienced professionals while saving a lot of money. The general assumption in the business world is that in house will save money, because security companies will add their profit to the labor costs. What many managers and clients fail to see is that security companies add a lot of value for what they charge. That value outweighs the costs by much like the example above proves. Also there are economies of scale for security companies. They get cheaper insurance, because they are licensed and are insuring more people. Supervision is cheaper for them, because they have proven methods that people not in the industry do not know about. Managers in companies that employ in house security guards should definitely contact a security consultant for a free consultation. It will not benefit every business, but most businesses will be better off outsourcing their security services.

Source by Charles S Willis

Armed Security Guards: Training, Benefits, and Posts

Armed security guards are guards who handle firearms or other weapons and use them to protect an individual or property against potential danger. These guards are highly trained and skilled for handling weapons before they are deployed to their perspective employers. In order to be eligible for an armed guard job, these individuals must pass strict requirements such as a comprehensive background check and the legality of their age. Tests such as fingerprinting and even DNA testing may be included in the screening process.

How Armed Security Guards Differ from Unarmed Guards

Armed officers carry a firearm with them at all times. This weapon maybe used in the aid of securing an individual or property. Unarmed guards on the other hand do not carry weapons. Their duty is to observe and report to a higher authority. Armed guards receive higher pay when compared to unarmed security guards. In part due to the amount of training that is required as well as the cost for firearm’s licensing. Due to the risks associated with using a gun, armed security guards also have higher insurance premiums than unarmed ones.

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Training for Armed Officers

Armed officers are trained in all facets of protecting a person or a property. Often, the security company that hires and manages these security guards provides the needed training. The training includes operating a surveillance system, the use of firearms and doing street surveillance.

Before being deployed, Texas law requires that armed security guards, who are not currently policemen, will have completed 30 hours of required training. Additionally, they would have to undergo an 8-hour refresher course in training every year that they are on the job. Current police officers, or even retired ones, are some of the few who are exempted from taking the extensive trainings. Also included in the exemptions are licensed private investigators, peace officers and some military staff. For certain work environments, some additional training might have to be taken. For instance, armed security guards who are assigned to prison will have to undergo training on dealing with angry prisoners and on how to deal with prison riots. Armed security guards may have to be trained as well on company policies and ethics.

Benefits of Hiring Armed Security

A number of businesses employ armed security guards to protect their properties and employees. For business locations that have high incidents of vandalism, theft or robbery, armed security guards can provide better protection to individuals and properties. They are also ideal for businesses or properties that have alarm systems or video cameras installed, as they are well trained in operating these kinds of systems.

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Armed Security Officer Posts

Armed security Officers are trained to perform their duties serving many different posts. These might include, government buildings, banks, jewelry stores, political events, and even personal protection services. Personal protection services might include protecting dignitaries, CEO’s, and movie stars. They can also be assigned to man and operate closed circuit televisions (CCTV) as they are trained and knowledgeable in operating these systems. Of course, there are also the standard patrol duties as are often found in apartment and mall security. Armed guards have a large spectrum of clients and locations to protect creating quite a varied job.

Source by J. Singletary

What Is Security Training?

Security training is the training needed in many States to become a security guard. It has become a very popular topic as there is an increasing demand for security positions in the near future. Here, we take a closer look at what is involved with this training and whether it is right for you.

Although not all States require one to get security training and a license, a large number of them do. Also, for those who do not require these things, many employers will want you to go get the training. This is why it is important to get this training as it helps increase your employment possibilities. Although many people can get their training paid for by their employer, many others will still be looking for work after training and this can help them open some doors to that first job.

To begin the training, you will have to be at least 18 years of age and undergo a background check. The latter is designed to make sure do not have a violent criminal history that would preclude you from becoming a security guard. This is a good requirement too considering that many security guards will be in positions of power and need to exhibit self control and restraint in many different situations.

Besides these initial standards, the training itself begins with some in class training. The amount of time that this is can vary but 8 hours is a good rule of thumb. This training will teach you about some of the basic responsibilities and ethics of being a security guard. You will get this training from a trained professional who has worked in this field. You can expect to hear some lectures, be a part of some class discussions and even be involved in some role playing in this training. All this training is based on a security guard training manual which you will need to have read and understand. You will take a test to ensure you have the appropriate comprehension of this manual. Of course, if you decide to use weapons on the job, you will need to get additional in class training.

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After this in class training is complete, you will start your on the job training. If you already have an employer, you will need to complete this training within the first 6 months. However, some States may require you to complete all or part of this training at a much faster pace than 6 months. For those who do not have an employer, they will be responsible for finding one and then meeting this requirement. After this on the job training is complete, you will have completed the training.

By keeping all these things in mind, you should have a better understanding of what security training is.

Source by Eric D. Roberts

Security Guard Facts

Security guards make up an increasingly large portion of the security and guarding detail that is done on a daily basis today, yet most people do not understand the job or its duties. The facts about the job and its duties may surprise you.

Security Guard Name History

During the middle ages in Europe, watchmen were employed to look after valuables as well as to observe and report on any incoming attacks. Later on in America they became known more predominately as night-watchmen before their title evolved to a more general and inclusive title such as security guard, private patrol officer, or security officer.

Can Security Guards Make Arrests?

Yes, and No. Guards do not have the power, or are required to make a criminal arrest. They can however make citizen’s arrests or act as an agent of law enforcement officers in restraining individuals when told to do so by a law officer.

Can a Guard Carry and Use a Gun?

Security officers can be deemed as either and unarmed guard or a armed guard. An armed security guard that has passed and completed the unarmed guard training can then go and complete the training to become an armed security guard. Armed guards are then permitted to carry and use a gun if necessary, although it will still be a last resort and only used in defense. A gun though must usually be worn in a visible manner unless you have obtained a concealed weapons permit.

Can You Become a Security Guard if You’ve been Arrested?

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The regulation and licensing of guards is handled differently from state to state. Most states will not permit anyone who has been convicted of a felony to become a security guard. Many states will not allow misdemeanor convictions as well. Depending on the arrest you may be still able to qualify as a guard but you should check the specific laws in your state.

Do You Need an Education?

Just like the regulations in each state concerning arrests and guard training, education is dependent on where you will be applying to become a guard. Most states though do not have strict education requirements and do not require a college education. Usually a potential applicant will have to complete a certain amount of required guard training through a state approved training facility before they can begin work as an official guard.

Do Guards Need to Be Strong and in Shape?

While most guard jobs do not have any fitness requirements, a guard should not be completely out of shape. They also do not need to be overly strong or in shape. Most of a guard’s job involves observing, reporting, and communicating. Very few times are physical strength actually needed for a situation.

Is being a Guard a Good Career?

Yes! Security Officer jobs are growing at a rapid rate with no sight of slowing done. The benefits of having a guard on duty and the heightened sense of security that most places are in today are creating a growing need for more guards everyday.

Source by Alex Wallst

Unarmed Security Guards: Requirements, Training, and Job Duties

Unarmed security guards are guards who protect properties and or individuals without the use of a fire arm. An unarmed security guard’s main job is to make rounds on a property, monitor and report any abnormal happenings that have been observed. Aside from these basic functions, they can also assist in giving proper directions around the facility to citizens who need help. In some cases, unarmed security guards are even tasked with receiving packages and signing papers on behalf of the employer while on duty.

Requirements to Become an Unarmed Security Guard

The most important asset to look for when hiring a person for a security position is the ability communicate clearly and quickly. A nice presentable appearance is another basic requirement for the job. Some high school education is also required; however a high school diploma is not necessary. The applicant must also pass a drug test and be physically fit. He or she must also be able to pass criminal background checks.

Training for an Unarmed Guard

Training an unarmed guard is very different from training an armed one. As they don’t deal with firearms, the unarmed security guards’ primary weapon is effective communication. Thus, proper training in effective communication is a must for these kinds of guards. On-the-site training is given to the guard by a supervisor. This would include walking with the guard throughout the facility and working with him for a few hours. Training on how to operate some electronic equipment may also be provided by the employer. Employers might also provide additional training on particular company ethics, as well as company policies. An unarmed security guard has to complete 45 hours of training, which should be completed on his first 100 days of work. Within these first 100 days, he or she should also be able to pass a proficiency examination in order to receive a training certification for the job.

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Typical Job Situations for Unarmed Security Officers

Some typical assignments for unarmed security officers might include apartments, parks, construction sites, and malls. They can be assigned to do either static or patrol duties, or even both. Patrol duties are situated towards the particular venue. Patrols might be done while walking, riding horseback, or from a motorized vehicle. Aside from their most common service, to guard establishments and people, these guards can also serve at help desks. As they are trained to communicate effectively, they will be effective in providing customers and citizens with information regarding the company that these guards work for.

Benefits of Hiring an Unarmed Officer

Unarmed security officers offer lower salary expenses for the employer, as compared to armed security guards. These guards are good for businesses which are situated in relatively peaceful environments. Hiring security that is armed could put some stress on the residents of these areas, which is why it is sometimes a better solution to place unarmed officers. With these security officers, there is little to no issue on the safety of guns in the workplace as there are no guns involved. Unarmed security guards also contribute to a more relaxed environment both for the clients and the people in the area.

Source by J. Singletary

What About Security For You And Your Information When It Comes To A Virtual Assistant?

The global economy becomes more relevant each day thanks to technology, the internet, and standard currencies. Business operations from manufacturing to customer service management are successfully conducted throughout the world. Many are still operating locally, but a growing number of businesses and corporations are regularly conducting business from remote locations. Small business owners and established corporate executives are finding that Virtual Assistants give them an edge over their competition and leverage in the online marketplace. Hiring a Virtual Assistant online has become a relatively common event, but does raise some valid concerns about security.

Information Security Online

While the internet has made virtually every business process easier, online transactions pose a significantly higher risk of error, misuse, and fraud. People are constantly inundated with warnings against providing their personal information online. Personal and business transactions such as dating websites and internet auctions all create a potential risk for the misuse of personal data. Companies who specialize in online information management offer measures to protect their clients by raising awareness around the areas of concern and to change the way information is collected.

Third party vendors offer temporary credit card numbers that customers use to make online purchases. If a hacker is able to obtain the information from the temporary credit card, it will essentially be useless to them because it was created specifically for a single use. Every additional layer of security that is added to online information management helps protect consumers and track down criminals who want to prosper off the hard work of others. Impersonal business transactions and internet banking are one thing, but when a person must establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with another individual online, the situation becomes more complex.

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Internet Hiring Practices

The hiring process for a Virtual Assistant online is essentially the same as a personal interview conducted face to face. An initial interview may be conducted by email or phone to ensure the person meets the qualifications for the projects at hand. A secondary interview can be conducted via a video conference. This step is essential to determine the genuine nature of the potential candidate. This initial greeting process is very similar to the common sense advice given to members of online dating sites. Quite simply, it makes sense to investigate and check out everything a person says about themselves.

A virtual assistant will eventually have access to potentially private information such as credit card data, financial account information, and much more. Before hiring an assistant online, an employer must be completely comfortable with the interview process and be able to confirm the full name, physical address, and other verifiable contact information of the candidate. It is not unreasonable to request references and even a criminal background check to ensure the integrity of information security online. Diligent entrepreneurs and financial experts recommend staying in close communication with a virtual assistant to create a solid working relationship and a sense of loyalty.

The overall benefits of having an efficient virtual assistant take care of routine administrative tasks, such as billing and communication, are well worth the risk of transmitting personal data online. Business owners should always conduct business through secure servers and never store personal or financial information in unsecured personal email accounts or on a personal desktop or laptop computer without encryption.

Source by Russell D Armstrong

Security Guards – Options For Your Business

Having a security guard service will provide you with increased protection from crime and peace of mind that your business and premises are safe. Security guard services are available for businesses of all sizes and all sectors.

Security Guards

UK-wide and London security guards are available for all sectors, including specialist areas such as:

o Retail outlets

o Construction sites

o Office

o On trains

o Warehouses

o Hospitals

o Hotels

o Shopping centres

o Building sites

o And more

Mobile patrol services

If you feel you don’t need or can’t afford a full-time security guard for your business site, you could consider a mobile patrol service instead.

Using a mobile patrol service can save you a significant amount of money, whilst still delivering protection. For example, mobile London security guards patrol services cost around one third less than an on-site security guard.

The number of mobile patrols for your premises will depend on your requirements and budget.

Guard dogs

In some circumstances, the only real security option is to use a guard dog unit. This means using a specially trained guard dog with their trained handler.

A guard dog can identify a sound’s location much faster than a human can, as well as hear sounds up to four times the distance that humans are able to. Additionally, a guard dog’s sense of smell is about 50 to 100 times more powerful than a human’s.

Guard dogs provide the best deterrent against criminals. Often even a sign displaying the fact you have canine security or the sound of barking will put off a would-be intruder.

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Areas you might consider choosing a guard dog and handler include:

o Vast areas that need patrolling

o Areas with restricted view to certain parts

o Areas too dangerous for lone security guards

A guard dog/handler team will be able to hold a criminal safely until the police arrive.

Night security services

It’s possible that you may only need security services on a weekend or evening and this is also something that can easily be arranged.

The Benefits of hiring security for your business

o Hiring a security guard service can save your business a lot of money in the long run. You will save on repairing damage costs and replacing lost or damaged stock. It could also help keep your insurance premiums lower.

o If customers feel safe and secure at your business, they are likely to visit again.

o Staff will appreciate feeling safe at work and when they are arriving and leaving.

o Having a security service in place will give you peace of mind, even when you can’t physically be at your place of business yourself.

o The range of security services available means that there’s something available to suit every business and budget.

Having security guards can bring many business benefits and there are numerous services to choose from, meaning your business will be safe and protected.

Source by Sarah Cornish

Home Security – The Power Of Visual Security Deterrents

When we talk of home security the first thing that springs to mind is alarm systems, however there is much more to it than calling in your local alarm installer. A comprehensive home security strategy starts with visual deterrents.

While many burglaries are spontaneous, opportunistic crimes that can be prevented by simple deterrents such as security lighting, many are also well planned team events in which the perpetrators have conducted significant field research into your neighborhood and most importantly your property The professional burglar does his homework and the first step in his decision making process is the elimination of unnecessary risk.

While obviously houses in dark streets, with rear or side lane ways surrounded by heavy foliage are a burglars delight because of the natural cover they provide, the surrounding topography of your neighborhood is not the only home security discriminator for the burglar.

So what type of house is attractive to the burglar? The simple answer is one that looks easily accessible.

The first key discriminator for burglars when it comes to choosing which house in the street to rob is the presence of visual deterrents. Visual deterrents are your first level of security protection and the first features of your residence to be examined by the burglar.

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Home security visual deterrents include external intelligent lighting, home security alarm system monitoring warning signs, perimeter fences, lockable gates, garages and/or sheds, visible and audible alarms, CCTV cameras, home security screens, active neighbors and our faithful hounds.

In order to provide a base level of home security, visual security deterrents are a necessity. Often, simply placing a security alarm warning sign in a prominent place at the front of your premises, whether your home is fitted with an alarm or not, will get your house struck off the burglars list. Visual deterrents are a powerful tool in your home security arsenal and do not have to include expensive technologies.

Remember, in the initial analysis of potential burglary targets, it is the criminals perception of your security capabilities that is important. Visual home security deterrents, whether real or perceived work.

Source by Chris Hopkins

Best Quality Security Cameras – Key Features to Look For

To find the best quality security cameras you really need to know what key features to look for before you make your purchase. Enhancing your security protection is an investment and as with any investment you should do your due diligence.

One of the key features you will find in any good quality security camera is infrared capabilities. This is very different from a low light camera as it will be able to pick-up video even in complete darkness. It works by using a series of infrared LED lights to illuminate the area in front of the lens allowing it to be able to view everything clearly no matter how dark it is.

You should always try to get a camera that has infrared technology to ensure a criminal will never be able to use the cover of darkness to avoid detection. This feature is more than worth the extra money and you will be glad you have that added security.

Another key feature that any quality security camera will have is that it will be vandal resistant. You’ll notice I didn’t say vandal proof. The reason is that there is no way to make a camera vandal proof. If you give a crook long enough with the right tool he can take out any camera.

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You can only hope to make it take them long enough to disable the camera that you get plenty of video or even better that they get caught by the police in the act. The last thing you want is a camera that can be taken out with one swipe from a bat.

Any good quality camera will also have a video resolution of 380 TV lines at the very minimum. You want to be sure you get as much detail as you can get of the criminal on video to aid police in the arrest and prosecution of the suspect. This means you will want to get a security camera with as high a resolution as you are able to afford to ensure you get the most detailed video possible.

A good image of a scar or tattoo could mean all the difference when it comes to finding the criminal since tattoos and scars are recorded by law enforcement to aid with identification every time a crook is arrested. This is also why you should consider spending the extra money to get color security cameras to ensure the police know exactly what color clothing the suspect is wearing and even the color of their hair and eyes.

Source by Charles Dougherty