Concealed Carry Training

Non-Resident Permits for Executive Protection Agents and Bodyguards

About the Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permits

Our non-resident concealed carry training is exclusively for executive protection agents and bodyguards.  Having the ability to carry in any state is a major selling point for agents working in close protection, but many agents and security professionals don’t know where to start. This class makes it easier.

Our instructors are certified to teach D.C Concealed Carry, Virginia Concealed Carry, Florida Concealed Carry and Utah Concealed Carry.  All four jurisdictions have non-resident concealed carry permits.  As long as you meet their requirements and take a concealed carry gun glass you can obtain a non-resident permit.  

Students can choose from two options to choose from.  You may sign up for a 8-hour single concealed carry permit course or a 16-hour multi-state concealed carry permit course.  

Why Take Our Concealed Carry Class 

When you sign-up for Executive Protection courses at MVP you don’t have to guess what level of experience you are getting. We are the #1 provider of Executive Protection Services in the Washington, D.C. area, providing close protection, travel logistics, and residential security for over 100 clients a year that visit or live in the Washington, D.C area. 

  • Exclusivity We are the only security company in the United States providing multi-state concealed carry training to executive protection agents and bodyguards
  • Increased value to your clients – The four non-resident concealed carry licenses gives you the ability to carry in over 38 states. This is a huge value when you have clients that travel a lot. Being able to carry also allows you to charge more for your security services.  

  • Instructor experience –  Our instructors are all veteran security agents that actively work-in or managing security details.  We are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to share industry secrets to give you the best chance of success as agents. 
  • Networking opportunity – Our students come from all walks of life, many are retired law enforcement officers, security guards and military servicemen. “Many work in security departments for corporations or on personal protection details and were sent by their companies to train or recertify.”  You meet some interesting people in our classes, you’ll never know who may be willing to give you a executive protection job.    

Get Your Close Protection Career Started. Sign-Up for a Class Today

Not an agent yet?  Well what are you waiting for? Take the leap towards joining the ranks of the elite.  Sign up for an Executive Protection class today.

Who We Protect?

When it comes to the protection of the world’s top corporations we are the firm they call.  Below are just a few of the household names that rely on our protective services.

What You Learn In Our Class 

Having a gun is one thing.  Carrying it legally to protect yourself or another is a totally different animal. Students that attend our concealed carry training classes learn:

  • Concealed Carry laws specific to each state
  • Gun operation
  • Best practices for carrying concealed
  • The laws of using deadly force
  • How to travel with firearm
  • Traveling with firearm on airplanes  
  • Basic tactical shooting for EP Agents
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement
  • Legal suggestions for protecting against law suits

Interested But Not Ready Yet?

It takes a lot of courage to be a real bodyguard.  It also takes skill and knowledge. Not everyone is cut out for it.  Some want it but need a little time to prepare financially.

No worries! You can still sign-up for our list of webinars, seminars and upcoming executive protection classes.

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