Contract Security Services

Executive Protection Services

Hire a personal bodyguard.  We are the #1 security company on the east coast for Executive Protection contract security. We serve executives, dignitaries, politicians and celebrities.

International Executive Protection

When clients travel with we go with them. MVP provides Close protection contract security services to clients from the U.S that travel abroad and for clients from other countries that travel to the U.S. and other countries.

Security Guard Services

A professional Contract Security Company.  Licensed, trained and insured security guards available for security contracts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

Residential Security

Security Guards for Residential Security Services.  We provide apartment security, condo security, co-op security, and HOA security services.

Event Security

Event Security and Event Security Services. Security officers for crowd management, gate and access control, concert security, festival security, tour security, galas, balls, meetings, conferences and more…  FEMA Certified in Crowd Management in large stadiums, arenas and gatherings.


Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) is the art of discovering bugs, listening devices and spyware.  Businesses, corporations, executives, celebrities and individuals are often the victims of illegal recording, eavesdropping and video while at home or work.  We provided certified experts and equipment to eliminate embarrassment or theft of proprietary information.  

Estate Security

We provide comprehensive Estate Security to make our clients lives easier.  Protect your estate with security officers. We provide access control, security systems, camera and alarm monitoring, mail and package control, perimeter security, security lighting, 24 hour security service for guard booths,  certified security chauffer’s, and close protection officers for family members.

Executive Transportation

Join the hundreds of corporate executives that ride with us.  Executives ride in style with trained and certified security drivers (Executive Chauffers).  New vehicles.  Always clean.  Long and short term service contracts available. 

Disaster Response
MVP’s Natural Disaster and Emergency Response Teams provide a range of security and mitigation assistance to disaster zones affected by hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, forest fires, or man-made disasters.
Security Consulting

Security consultants are invaluable when it comes to discovering security threats, breaches and vulnerabilities, and offering security alternatives to mitigate risk.  Security consultants can save businesses and corporations millions of dollars in losses and expenditures due to bad management decisions regarding security.  

Cyber Security
Cyber-attacks, ransomware and all sorts of hacking is a highly lucrative business, and businesses, corporations and high-profile individuals are normally the targets.
Private Investigations

We provide private investigations in Maryland and DC and nationally for some clients.  Our private detectives and private investigators work with law firms for liability cases, lawsuits, and class action lawsuits,.  We provide investigative services for corporations, businesses, and government agencies.

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