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Residential Security Agents and Security Guards for Estate Properties

Estate Security Services 

We provide estate security and residential security agents for homes in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C, and California to protect very wealthy and high profile clients. Many of our clients reside in Loudoun County, VA, Potomac Maryland, Washington, D.C and the San Francisco bay area and are business executives, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, and leaders from foreign governments.  Their need for protection is often driven by their notoriety and personal net-worth.

Clients should have a peace of mind in their homes but, their notoriety often makes them targets of unwanted attention from fans, paparazzi, stalkers, criminals, and curious bypassers.  A 2021 article listing the break-ins and robberies of Simon Cowell, Tyler Perry and Rihanna and several other high profile celebrities highlights the seriousness of the issue.

Estate security becomes even more important when you have a family a protect.  As specialists in protecting high profile clients we have seen our request for Estate Security and residential security agents quadruple over the past 18 months as clients are beginning to take their personal safety and their family’s safety more serious.

We consult with clients on the construction of new homes and renovation of others to make them more formidable against attacks, burglaries, robberies, kidnappings and prying eyes.  We’re also install security security systems and perimeter defense measures to protect you and the ones you love.  And last but not least, we provide licensed, bonded, trained and certified residential security agents and security guards to protect clients’ residential property twenty-four hours, 365 days a year.  

How Our Residential Security Services Can Benefit You

Protecting an estate is more than hiring security guards.  An overall protection plan takes into consideration:

  • Lighting around the home
  • Security cameras
  • Alarms systems
  • Access control measures
  • Perimeter security (Gates and Fencing)
  • Landscaping (Protective Hedges and Shrubbery)
  • Security Guards or Residential Security Agents
  • Mail and package intake and security policy. 

Our Executive Protection and Corporate Security teams protect many of the people you see on TV and in the news.  We are the ultimate professional on the east coast when it comes to developing security plans for our clients’, their homes and their families.  Contact us, if you would like to hire security to protect your estate or to consult with you about security measures to better protect you and your family.  

Landscape Lighting

Surveillance & Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Guard Booths and Access Control

Security Hedges & Landscape Design

Residential Security Guards

We provide estate protection and security agents for property in Mclean Virginia, Loudoun County, Reston, Montgomery County, and Potomac Maryland, and the San Francisco California Bay area.  

If you need protection for your estate but don’t see your location listed, contact our office, we serve the entire Washington, D.C region.  

Security options:
Lighting improvement
Surveillance systems
Communication systems
Motion Detectors
Guard Sheds
Mail and Package Screening
Perimeter Fencing
Landscaping, Shrubs, and Hedges
Mobile Patrols
On-Site Guard Force (Uniformed or Non) Armed or Unarmed
Alarm systems

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