Evasive Driving Training
Tactical Driving Training for Executive Protection Professionals

Evasive Driving Training

Evasive Driving Training is a vital skill to have if you want to become an Executive Chauffeur. Executive chauffeurs are in high demand, but it takes more than a state issued driver’s license to drive corporate executives, celebrities and high net worth individuals.  Clients expect the security chauffeurs that drive them to be ultimate professionals. Good executive protection agents, bodyguards and security professionals know that and make themselves more valuable by investing into classes similar to our Evasive Driving Training.   

The skills that you will learn in this Evasive Driving Training class will increase your value, marketability and employability as an Executive Chauffeur. You will also benefit from the relationships that you will build with veteran Executive Protection Agents, who have been winning in the Executive Protection business for well over 30 years.

Students taking this class will learn that the Executive Protection industry is a fraternity.  You also learn that what you know and who you know could make all the difference in your career as Executive Protection agents.

Our Evasive Driving Training is held in conjunction with the Society of International Executive Protection (SIX).

The MVP Protective Services tactical driving training class is the “only security driving course in the Washington, D.C area” for security professionals and those looking for Executive Protection jobs as Executive Chauffeurs.  If you think you have what it takes to be an Executive Chauffeur, Register Today for one of our upcoming security driving classes.  

What It's Like Inside Our Training Vehicles

Why Choose Our Tactical Driving Class

The answer is simple….MVP is undeniably the top executive transportation and executive protection company in the Washington, D.C region. There’s not a security company that comes close to the volume of executives, politicians and VIPs that we drive and protect on a daily basis. Our driving instructors have honed their executive transportation driving skills for nearly 30 years, driving inside of Secret Service and State Department Motorcades, protecting numerous United States Presidents and Foreign Heads of States. Though retired from the law enforcement and military careers our Evasive Driving Training instructors still work closely with the State Department and many foreign embassies providing executive transportation services


Our Evasive Driving Training is the ONLY security driving training class for executive chauffeurs that assesses student’s driving skills prior to teaching the skills of evasive driving. By doing so we have a better understanding of how to teach you to get the best out of driving classes.  Our driving courses are a bargain when compared to other driving classes that teach less.

Who We Protect

These are just a few clients that trusts MVP for their Executive Protection and Executive Transportation Services.  Contact our office to see how we can make your life easier.  

Our Tactical Driving Course Covers :
One on One Driver Skills Assessment
Proper braking, acceleration, and cornering
How to Embark and Disembark vehicles
The roles and responsibilities of Executive Chauffeurs
Vehicle dynamics
Surveillance and Observation
Ambush Avoidance
Sedan and S.U.V Operation
Proper Steering and more…

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