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Executive Car Services in DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Executive Car Service

We are the fastest growing provider of Executive Transportation in the Greater Washington, D.C area.  We got that way by being experienced, reliable and professional.  We transport executives, politicians, celebrities, heads of state and other very important people to and from their homes, meetings, offices, government buildings, events, restaurants, and entertainment venues that make up Corporate America in Washington, D.C, Arlington County, Fairfax County and Loudoun County, Virginia.  

MVP is not your average local car service. We’re also not a black car service. In fact, we are not a car service at all. We are a professional security firm that specializes in transporting executives, high profile and high-net-worth clients.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition 

Premium Vehicles

Executives and VIPS should be treated like they deserve to be treated.  With MVP you never have to guess what type of vehicle you’re getting.  Our clients get only the best luxury vehicles the Executive Transportation business has to offer. Client’s get chauffeured in the latest model Escalade ESVs, Lincoln Navigators and Yukon Denalis.

Certified Security Chauffeurs

A basic driver’s license shouldn’t be the prerequisite to drive important people; however, that is often the case when you hire a local car service. The people that drive VIPS should be highly trained executive chauffeurs that honor confidentiality and have the ability to get clients out of trouble if necessary.

These are the Executive Chauffeurs we employ. Each driver is certified in high-performance vehicle operation for executive security and executive protection. They are also certified in etiquette for interacting with high-profile clients.

Clean Vehicles

We take a lot of pride in our fleet, but we take more pride in our customers. That’s why we guarantee our vehicles will arrive clean, both outside and insitocked with light refreshments and fine spring water for your enjoyment.

We maintain a strict preventative maintenance schedule for all fleet vehicles to ensure they are road-ready when our clients need them most.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Executives regularly hold important business and personal conversations while being chauffeured, that is why confidentiality is a must.  We hold ourselves to a high standard and confidentiality. Non-disclosure is the standard for how we do business. The words uttered in our presence never leave the confines of our vehicle. We guarantee confidentiality.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to transporting important people and their families their lives are often in the hands of the person driving the vehicle.  That person should have the prerequisite skills and ability to get you to safety, but more than often, that’s not the case when you hire a car service. You would be lucky if your driver shows up in a clean vehicle or knows anything about what executive level clients expect or deserve when it comes to transportation service.

When customers hire MVP for their executive transportation, they become the MVP.  We bring nearly 30 years of experience driving and protecting some of the most important people on earth. Our clients include executives, mayors, senators, presidential candidates, heads of states, prime ministers, A List celebrities and other very important people.  We would like to do the same for you. Our executive chauffeurs are skilled drivers, generally with law enforcement and military backgrounds or extensive experience in private security, executive protection and executive transportation.  

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to choose MVP to protect you:

MVP Protective Services was named as the Seventh Largest Executive Transportation Service in the Greater Washington, D.C area for the second year in the row, jumping up three spots from 2019. We are quickly becoming a fan favorite for executives needing experienced drivers, clean vehicles and outstanding customer service.  
         What We Provide  
Drivers certified in Executive Security and Security Driving
Experienced working with executives and VIPs
Master security advance and route planners
Local highway and roadway familiarity
Premium Vehicles
Punctual drivers
Responsive communication and customer service

        Customers We Serve


Corporate CEOs & Executives


Celebrities & Athletes


Politicians & Government Officials


Foreign Dignitaries and Heads of States


Prominent Families & High Net-Worth Individuals

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