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Hiring a security consultant is a smart idea when you need to make decisions concerning security. The physical security measures you implement have huge safety and liability implications, but consulting a professional security consultant could help you with risk management, make your life easier and save you a lot of money in the long run.  

How a Security Consultant Can Help You

We have been providing security consulting services and security consultants to companies, corporations, and property managers for well over twenty years.  We have helped some pretty big corporations, associations and property owners  make important decisions about their security posture, and build efficient security measures to solve security challenges. We can do the same for you. 

When you hire a security consultant you are hiring a professional with credentials. We help clients identify and assess risks and vulnerabilities and provide solid feedback on how to best prevent or mitigate those risks. We also help develop sound security plans and employee training that better protect your organization. 

Consultants are key in helping clients to develop risk management programs, identify critical assets to the their organization, design security features for buildings and new construction, assess physical security and assist with:

  • Legal expertise in court on matters of litigation
  • Developing security teams
  • Developing Business Continuity Plans and COOPs
  • Drafting Emergency Management Plans
  • Writing security policy
  • Red Team and penetration assessments on cyber network and physical infrastructure

Finally, we help clients avoid inferior physical security equipment and unnecessary fees and installation cost by evaluating third party vendors and their security proposals for surveillance, access control and alarm systems.

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Have a security challenge you need to resolve?  If so don’t wing it on your own.  Hire a security consultant.  Email us now for a consultation. 

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Security consulting services we provide:
Security Surveys
Risk Assessments
Threat Assessments
Building Security and landscape designs
Security System Design
Expert Testimony
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Background and Due Diligence Investigations
Workplace Violence Training

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