MVP was incorporated in 2004, as a security company in DC. We have since has become a leader in security services throughout the world. MVP is a black owned security company and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).  We  provide security services to the private sector, and to local, federal and state governments. For over two decades, MVP has earned an impeccable reputation as a “Go-To” security company in DC for quality security services.  Since inception we have grown to offices in (4) states and the District of Columbia, to include Maryland, Virginia, California, and Florida.

We have a growing list of customers who depend on our security services and trust in our ability to consistently deliver on our promises. We are a task oriented and results driven security company, committed to resolving our clients’ most challenging security issues.

MVP was founded by Melvin E. Key, Sr. Melvin is a 2-time board certified security professional in Security Management and Physical Security. He’s also a noted Executive Protection Agent and a retired D.C Police Captain.

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Melvin E. Key, Sr.

Melvin E. Key, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer

To learn more about Mr. Key, please follow him on his social media at the links below. You may also ask him questions about the security industry directly.

Why the Samurai?

“Why the Samurai?” is a question we get all the time. So we thought we would give you a little background on why we chose the Samurai as our logo and what it means to us.  

We chose the Samurai because of what samurai stood for in ancient Japanese war times.  Samurai were warriors who defended their masters and their property from pillage and theft during the Heian Period. Samurai lived by the Bushido Code, and that Code resonated with our values as a company.  

Here are the the 8 Virtues of the Bushido Code:

  • Rectitude or justice
  • Courage
  • Benevolence
  • Politeness
  • Honesty
  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Character and Self Control

Click the link to learn more about Samurai?  You can also learn more about the Samurai culture and history by watching the Age of the Samurai docu-series on Netflix.   

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Need more information about our Security Services?  If so, feel free to call our office to speak with a representative. 

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MD/DOT - MBE        11-196

CAGE #                     4KRD4

Duns #                     17-356-5198




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  • 561612                  Guard and Bodyguard Services

  • 541690                  Security Consulting

  • 624230                  Disaster Relief Services

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