We Provide Technical Security Countermeasure Services. Screening for bugs, hidden cameras and listening devices

Corporate espionage and public embarrassment are two of the biggest threats to high profile corporations and individuals. The constant threat of paparazzi trying to get the million-dollar picture, or someone trying to steal corporate trade secrets, or record compromising or potentially embarrassing, video or audio conversation is a real problem amongst celebrities, executives and politicians alike. Insider threats are common, and perpetrators will go to any level to obtain information from you to perhaps use as some sort of blackmail at a later.
Insider threats can and do take place anywhere, but most commonly occur in offices, boardrooms, vehicles, and hotels.  MVP has the experience, capability, and equipment to detect electronic surveillance, bugging devices, listening devices, transmitters, GPS tracking devices, phone taps, hidden cameras, and other hidden spyware in your offices, homes, hotels, vehicles or other places you may do business. Our goal is to protect our clients from unseen threats as well as the physical ones. It’s our commitment to keep your information out of the wrong hands.

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